Sunday, 4 March 2012

The good part

Oh it's nice to finally be able to see what all my hard work has been for! Knowing that the weather was going to go down hill a bit on Sunday I managed to get most of the patio and Mediterranean sections sorted. I am pleased with it for the time being. The backbone is in anyway. Hubby helped out by pressure washing the driveway off so that saves me a big job and some time. Part of my order came from Crocus came that morning too!! 2 clematis, a Christmas box, and a mock orange. Most of them have spaces where I want them but I'm good at changing my mind! Now I need to get the driveway bed prepared and sow some seeds!! Just have NOT had the time until now.


  1. All looking good Cat you will so enjoy the Christmas box I have 3 in the garden and they are all coming into bloom now and have a lovely perfume.

    Which clematis have you gone for .

    Looking forward to seeing yours in bloom too.

  2. Thanks! I got Fragrant Oberon, which is evergreen and Romantika. I'm going to get a Fond Memories as well. Am looking forward to all the lovely scents through the year.

  3. Its so exciting when we see everything start to come into bud again CT