Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Well, today is wet, windy, and cold so not much will be going on outside! Yesterday was lovely and sunny out with quite a sharp breeze but the sun sure felt good!! The mailman caught me sitting at my table in the sun trying to wake up but he had the strawberry plants I ordered from e-bay!£9 for 15 bare root plants, 3 different varieties, early mid and late season. I put them in 3 large pots and covered with a layer of grit to hopefully prevent the vine weevil from getting in them and destroying them like they did the last time! Plus it will keep them looking more tidy and keep the mud off the fruit.
I am thinking of getting 10 more plants of an everbearing variety to stretch things out somewhat. Then I will have 4 types and can decide which ones are the best for production and taste. The other project I had a go at was getting the rest of the gravel up from the bed beside the garage. Chris had used most of it already for the concrete repair so there wasn't as much for me to move. I just dumped what there was down between the 2 greenhouses. I used up the bag of peat free compost to supplement the soil and now need some sand to try and lighten up the really heavy clay that we have. I will try and do that in sections and plant as I go. Once I get that done I will be fairly happy. Now I need to get some of these seeds started!

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  1. looking good Cat I have got strawberrie plants growing in hanging baskets in the greenhouse and outdoors and also in pots.

    You have been busy.