The newest member of our kitty family is Beans, aka Little Fatty. I got her from the vet last year when I took Monster in to get shaved. She had been through a lot. Hit by a car and had to have her hips fixed, then had to have a hernia fixed. They said if no one took her she was going to be PTS! I couldn't bear that thought so I brought her home. The other part of the story is that everyone thought she was a he. I had her for about a month before I figured it out as she went into heat and had a boyfriend hanging around outside. Anyway the vet sorted that for free since it was a mistake by them. She also has an allergy to something and she scratches her face bloody sometimes. I give her steroids from the vet and it clears it up but she had REALLY gained weight. That's the reason I call her Little Fatty..... hehehhehe.

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